Monthly Archives: March 2015

March 30

The Secret

I said I was going to reveal something huge this week. Something saturated in my blood, sweat, and tears. Something I held secret for a long time. Too long. Something that exposes me and makes me more vulnerable than I’ve ever been. And I will. But first, I need you to go on a little […]

March 27

Is This Thing On? Next Week On the SisterWives

Next week Beth Teliho will be sharing something very close to her heart. Something she nailed her soul to. Something crusty with the dried blood that dripped from her veins. Stained with sweat and tears. Exposing her in a way nothing else can. Something that terrifies her, makes her swoon, thrills her, and makes her […]

March 26

I’m Offended That You’re Offended

    I love a good joke. And by good joke, I mean a really bad one. One that defies all of the rules of polite society. Inappropriate. Off color. Dark humor. I can’t believe he just said that. Those jokes. I love inappropriate humor. In fact, I’m married to it. It’s one of my favorite […]

March 23

Oops, I Shamed Again

Dear friends, today you will have the pleasure of Briton, aka Punk Rock Papa, and his beautiful words of wisdom. His prose will touch your soul and lift your spirits. Read with care and soak up every profound word of love and light. The Dalai Lama should bow to the spirit of this devoted father. […]

March 20

Is This Thing On? Next Week On the SisterWives

Do you crave laughter like I do? I seek out people who make me laugh. And what makes me laugh might make you roll your eyes or gasp in shock. Doesn’t matter, as long as we all get a good laugh every once in a while, right? Next week I have a huge treat for […]

March 19

Building from Bullying: Your Voice Matters (a #1000Speak post)

Since January, I’ve had an astonishing, whirlwind ride, and somehow ended up in the middle of the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion movement. Our inaugural effort was FABULOUS and got SO many people talking, and writing, about compassion. We decided we wanted to do MORE than just the one-off event, and came up with a […]

March 17

Compassion and racism – a #1000Speak post

Sometimes you have the good fortune to make a friend who isn’t afraid to hold strong, valid opinions, and voice them. Frequently; Out There and Unapologetically. It is inspiring to see someone who is absolutely determined that people should think aright, and who is willing to run the risk of ending up in confrontation with […]

March 13

IS THIS THING ON? Next week on The Sisterwives

    When I was reminded that it’s my turn to have charge of the Sisterwives blog next week, my eyes lit up with glee (eventually, once I realised the serendipity of the timing) because next week I’m going to be diving back into the world of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. March 20th marks […]

parenting unexpected trigger March 12

The Trigger Points Anthology

Last November, we shared Dawn’s courageous story, Tattered Soul. You may also remember the The Trigger Points Anthology, a project she and Joelle, a fellow survivor, mother, and blogger started to support others who no longer want to feel alone, who want to find a community where there are others who understand completely what they are living with day in […]

March 09

No One Talks About It

Fear. Judgement. Discrimination. This is the short list associated with the the stigma of mental illness and the effects are devastating to not only those who live with it, but the family members who love them. Please welcome Leah who simply wants you to hear her message when it comes to perpetuating the stigma of […]

March 06

Is This Thing On? Next Week On The Sisterwives

  The stigma associated with mental illness is so very devastating to those who are touched by it. Next week Leah Vidal of Little Miss Wordy shares her thoughts on that surrounding silence and fear that many will be able to relate to. Also, look for an update on an incredible anthology project from  one our fearless contributors, Dawn […]

March 04

Calling All Writers!

We want to hear your stories – your struggles, your trials, your triumphs….whether those stories make us cry, make us cheer, or make us laugh – we want to hear them.  All topics welcome.  Please visit our submissions page and be a part of the Sisterwives project – because together, we are stronger.

March 02

A Mother Erased

Mother-daughter relationships can be incredibly complex and difficult to navigate, because in each other they see the best and the worst of themselves.  Please join us in welcoming the author of A Mother Erased, as she shares her heartbreaking and personal story of estrangement, abandonment, and hope. It was a warm September day, but my body froze […]