Write For Us

Unashamed. Uncensored. Unafraid.

If you would like to submit your writing to us, there are a few things you should know:

This is a safe place. We will protect you from the trolls and assemble an army to rain down on anyone who tries to bring darkness to this place.

We want to hear what is burning inside of you. We want the deep diving. This is no place for dipping your toe in timidly. Go all in or don’t go at all.

Topics are wide ranging. We aren’t afraid of the tough subjects around here. But we also appreciate some good humor. Topics covered in the past have ranged from abuse, body image, rape and addiction, to writing, parenting, feminism, equality, satire and edgy humor. Don’t hesitate to tackle any subject. We’ll gently let you know if it doesn’t fit.

Speaking of what doesn’t fit… Unfortunately, not every thing we receive is a good fit for SisterWives. We want soul stirring passion and writing that moves us. We may ask you to dig a little deeper or to make a few minor changes. We will respond one way or another within a week of submission.

We love original pieces. We prefer to feature words that have never been seen before. But we will take writing that was previously published on your personal blog. If it fits, it fits.

This is a special place to feature your writing. We have some of the most supportive readers in the blogging world. Wounds have been soothed and souls have been healed and ideas have been sparked and minds have been opened here. And we would love for you to be a part of that.

Together, we are stronger…


*Please include your bio and profile picture with your submission. Anonymous submissions also accepted.