If I were to try and describe a kaleidoscope, how would I do so?

Merriam Webster says:
: a tube that has mirrors and loose pieces of colored glass or plastic inside at one end so that you see many different patterns when you turn the tube while looking in through the other end
: a changing pattern or scene
: a mixture of many different things

As an artist, though, how would I word this device? Would I say that light is bent, refracted, changed by bits of color? Would I say that perspective is everything, and one turn can change the scenery? Or would I simply describe it as scientifically and pedantically as it truly is – a hollow tube with pieces of plastic at the bottom that fall when turned, shattering light in different ways?

If I were to try and describe myself, how would I do so?

: Grew up in a cult like family structure, kept in place by a delusional father
: A shooting in a church parking lot that she witnessed, a shooting that killed her twin sister Stephanie and younger sister Rachel
: A marriage and divorce brought on by myriad reasons – naiveté, youth, family background, addiction
: A life rebuilt in the aftermath, made up of courage, vulnerability, and most of all faith that some things can be turned and viewed in different ways.

I am bent, refracted and changed by bits of color. Perspective is everything. One turn and I might look upon the world differently; you might look upon me differently. I am a vessel, with bits of plastic that come from shattered moments in my life, turning light and dark juxtaposed into art.

I believe in audacity. I believe in light. I believe that resilience doesn’t just mean gritting your teeth – it means the vulnerability to admit your truth and stand in it despite impossible odds.

My name is Laurie, and I am a Sisterwife. My life is a kaleidoscope, and as you turn through it, I hope you find pieces of bent, refracted, colorful light to guide you on your way.

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