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May 04

More Than Meets the Eye

I can’t tell you how excited I am about our guest today. It’s her first time on any blog, so please be kind to her. Instead of a traditional introduction, I’ll let her take the stage herself, so without further ado … please help me welcome our guest writer today, and be sure and give […]

December 04

Be Still And Know

I save all of her voicemails. All of them. Friends call and say, “Your voicemail is full. I couldn’t leave a message,” and I lie and say that I’m too lazy to delete my messages, but it’s not true. I can’t delete them because one day they may be all I have of her. I […]

October 09

Sometimes Babies Don’t Come Home

Introducing to you all, the wonderful Celeste, who (when I suddenly pounced on her and asked if she’d write for Sisterwives) not only doesn’t take offense at you asking her to share some of the most painful moments of her life, and the aftermath it’s left her dealing with, she *jumps* at the chance. Because […]

October 06

The Box

Sometimes it’s the case that the people who make you laugh the hardest are the ones who have most to prove. As one who has always tended to take the role of the clown, I know that I try to entertain and engage *most* when I am struggling. And I know that being funny is […]

October 02

Can’t Find My Way Home

    “Come down off your throne, and leave your body alone…” ♫ F, G, Gm, D ♫   When we’re born we make a contract with God. Some are written in fine quill pens; some in blunt pencil, others in red handprints on a wall. He was the eldest of 6. The true prodigy; […]

September 29

Everything Does NOT Happen For a Reason

“Everything happens for a reason.” Bullshit. “It was all part of the plan. His plan. God’s plan.” Bullshit. I know. It’s what people say. They just want to help, to make you feel better, to make it easier, to try to justify…injustice. “Only the good die young.” Truth. “Gone too soon.” Truth. “Life is short.” […]

July 24

Cleaning Out My Heart Rooms

There are a few more Sisterwives than you see here. Laura played a very large part in this blog coming to life. It is only fitting that she should be the first to post a submission here, although it doesn’t seem appropriate to refer to this as a guest post. Laura is a part of […]

July 10


Six and a half years ago, my sisters were murdered in a mass shooting at my church. There, I said it. The thing that makes me “that girl.” The thing that I’ve said over and over out loud to the point where it almost has no meaning. And yet… Even though I have written about […]