‘The Sisterwives’ is what happens when nine women decide that alone they are enough, but together they are stronger.

This is where we share our stories. And yours.

This is a safe space to talk about what we’ve been through – and we’ve lived it all – and also a place where past hurts are transformed into something positive and usable.

We’ve known love and loss; mental illness and addiction; struggles with pregnancy and motherhood. We’ve survived rape and abuse.

We’ve loved people who are hard to love.

We’ve both cared for chronically ill family members as well suffered from debilitating illness ourselves.

We’ve persevered in spite of the death of loved ones.


We’ve also been transformed by real love, journeyed far to discover who we are, and along the way we’ve become committed as hell to letting others know,

they are not alone.

Committed to encouraging others to Write Free! and demonstrate that good can come even of the worst pain, when we use the hurt to help others.

This is a place to raise awareness, offer support and provide resources.

This is a place to seek out silver linings.

Darkness into light.

Adversity into strength.

Friendship into sisterhood.


Alone we are enough; together we are STRONGER.

We are The Sisterwives.