Is This Thing On? Next Week On the SisterWives


Do you crave laughter like I do? I seek out people who make me laugh. And what makes me laugh might make you roll your eyes or gasp in shock. Doesn’t matter, as long as we all get a good laugh every once in a while, right?

Next week I have a huge treat for you guys. Briton of Punk Rock Papa will be here to school us on humor. And I’ll be, um, writing something about, um, humor too. But Briton! Briton will be here! And you don’t want to miss that! Because we all need to laugh and lighten things up once in a while. Laughter is good for the soul. Good for the abs. And studies show that people with a good sense of humor are generally more awesome all the way around.* Good times on the SisterWives blog next week!

Stop by, read, have a chat, have a laugh.




*not true, but makes total sense.