Monthly Archives: December 2014

December 18

Great Balls of Holly!

  WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANNUAL SISTERWIVES HOLIDAY PARTY!!! We have all sorts of goodies to offer you. We had the party catered – no expense was spared! Everybody loves shrimp… We thought these were festive: Anybody remember what these are? Oh, right! Caprese! Yum!     It wouldn’t be a party without a little […]

December 16

In the darkest time of the year…

This hippie girl knows that we are in the darkest week of the year. The solstice arrived on December 21, just before Christmas. I think in all our souls we feel a tinge of it, in the frustration with shoppers, the dread of seeing family members next week, the exhaustion that brushes at the edges of […]

December 11

The Color of my Skin

Sometimes at SisterWives we are lucky enough to receive a submission from someone beyond our ‘usual’ crowd, who has discovered our site, found it helpful, and has recognised its potential as a platform for sharing the issues they are passionate about. In a beautiful and highly pertinent piece, Jolene describes a few of the harsh […]

I Can’t Breathe

Prejudice – one of the most awful words our language still holds, and perhaps one of the most overlooked. It should cause *far* more offense than it does, but there is such a heritage which comes with it: racisim is not only inherited and passed on from generation to generation, but so too is the […]

December 04

Be Still And Know

I save all of her voicemails. All of them. Friends call and say, “Your voicemail is full. I couldn’t leave a message,” and I lie and say that I’m too lazy to delete my messages, but it’s not true. I can’t delete them because one day they may be all I have of her. I […]

December 01

I’m Not Gonna Miss You

She’s probably going to forget my name even though she gave it to me. She will one day not recognize my daughter, her only granddaughter, even though she looks just like her. One day, I am going to sit in front of her and weep because the woman I call “Mom” no longer exists. I […]