parenting unexpected trigger March 12

The Trigger Points Anthology

parenting unexpected trigger

Last November, we shared Dawn’s courageous story, Tattered Soul. You may also remember the The Trigger Points Anthology, a project she and Joelle, a fellow survivor, mother, and blogger started to support others who no longer want to feel alone, who want to find a community where there are others who understand completely what they are living with day in and day out.

Because together, we are stronger. 

This amazing project has the full support of The Sisterwives.  Not one of us needs to feel alone, no matter the trauma we have endured. As such, Dawn and Joelle have decided to broaden the criteria for submissions to this important collection of work.  If you are a survivor or know someone who is, please revisit Dawn’s second post, here and consider contributing to, or sharing the information about this incredible anthology project. Please click the image below for details.

Trigger Points Anthology