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The Shame of Food Love

Today’s post was submitted by a writer who is a friend of mine, Katie Cross. There are so many adjectives to describe her, I can hardly narrow it down. But I’ll try. She’s selfless, wicked-talented, supportive, generous, funny, approachable, kind, hard-working, adorable, and an award winning novelist. A friendship that seeded in the blogging world, […]

July 02


Since this week’s theme is metamorphosis, I thought this would be a great opportunity to write about a change that’s taken place within my perspective. It’s happened very slowly over the past two years and was sort of forced on me. That will make more sense by the end of this. It’s a subject I’ve […]

June 29


“A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.” I think we can all agree we go through many overhauls in our lifetime. Through life choices or circumstance, we evolve. The real prize is being able to look back at our former […]

May 08

Is This Thing on? Next Week on SisterWives …

Something old. Something new. Something exciting we’d like you to do. Next week will be a wild ride. SO MUCH going on… Hang on to yer ass, Fred….

April 07


Last Monday, I divulged my deepest secret and hopefully intrigued you with compelling, sensual details about a girl with a very big secret and the weight of the world on her shoulders. Thursday, I expounded on it even more with tiny teasers and sparkly blurbs dripping with enticing accolades. Then I dropped a giveaway in the mix. BOOM. […]

April 02

The Secret: Part Deux

In Your Roots, Secrets Lie On Monday, I introduced you to the main character of Order of Seven, Devi Bennett, in a way that I hope was both mental and visceral. If you missed it, go here. Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, […]

March 30

The Secret

I said I was going to reveal something huge this week. Something saturated in my blood, sweat, and tears. Something I held secret for a long time. Too long. Something that exposes me and makes me more vulnerable than I’ve ever been. And I will. But first, I need you to go on a little […]

March 27

Is This Thing On? Next Week On the SisterWives

Next week Beth Teliho will be sharing something very close to her heart. Something she nailed her soul to. Something crusty with the dried blood that dripped from her veins. Stained with sweat and tears. Exposing her in a way nothing else can. Something that terrifies her, makes her swoon, thrills her, and makes her […]

September 18

The Hardest Breakup

It was one sentence. One sentence in an email that was the iceberg to our Titanic. Following that, it was one defensive, disastrous email after another, a few uncomfortable phone calls, and a single mailed letter. Then just like that – after four years of Hard Core Best Friends – it was just over. Over. I replayed those […]

September 15

Anchors Away

Perspective is a difficult thing. If we’re tethered to a particular perspective by emotions, it’s almost impossible to see things with an unbiased eye. We can perhaps empathize, yes, but sometimes our own perspective, our own experiences, can anchor us to a skewed perspective. If we are anchored, we are not fully free. I was once caught in such a perspective. A skewed one, […]

July 07

An Orphan’s Life

He was found by his aunt in his home at the age of two, abandoned by his alcoholic mother. Just a baby. Scared. Hungry. Crying. She took him in and cared for him for a while, but eventually she had to hand him off to another family member. Over the years, he was passed around […]