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the letter April 30

The Letter

Take me to church I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death, good God, let me give you my life.  ~  Hozier   As part of my therapy when I got sober I was told to […]

don't believe the lies anymore April 27

A Recovery Story

Addiction, alcoholism, and abuse….in my experience these three things touch the lives of almost everyone. The blessed few who are spared the devastation of these demons are just that…..blessed. Not all of us who have lived with addiction of one kind or another or been the victim of abuse at the hands of another have […]

April 24

Is This Thing On? Next Week on The Sisterwives

Addiction….a word that when spoken or written takes on a different meaning for everyone. It is a rare instance to find someone who hasn’t been touched by it one way or another. Sometimes, for the very lucky (or the very blessed depending on which way you sway), a story of recovery comes along with it. […]

April 23

We’re All A Little Broken

“I love all of you Hurt by the cold. So hard and lonely too When you don’t know yourself.” -Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Friends   This is for the broken. The hurting. The ones who walk through life in spite of it. The ones who are just trying to make it to tomorrow. This is […]

April 21

I Am My Own Sovereign

Rachel is someone I feel a connection to, though I am only just getting to know her. Her blog name, The Misfits Of A Mountain Mama, caught my eye being an Appalachian girl myself. And her words, the way she writes, is melodic and intoxicating. But more than any of that, she’s tough as nails. […]

April 17

Is This Thing On? Next Week, On the Sisterwives…

    Sometimes from the ashes of pain and abuse rise strength and resilience. Tuesday you will read how one survivor persevered. Stories like this are the reason we are here. Stories like this make me proud to be a part of this community. Join us Tuesday as The Misfit Mountain Mama shares her powerful […]

April 16

Somebody’s Daughter

I have been struggling with this one a bit. I feel someone will ask me how I can be anything but outraged by my own memory when I have children of my own. Am I prepared to romanticize a similar relationship in their situation, as my perspective on my own is so clearly skewed? And the answer is no. […]

April 13


Sometimes it’s the boy next door. Sometimes it’s someone else. The relationships we have when we are too young to know better can set the stage for who and how we love the rest of our lives. Time can blur the focus of the memory, or sharpen it with perspective. Please join me in welcoming Kelly […]

April 10

Is This Thing On? Next Week, on The Sisterwives…

You remember the one.  That one, that relationship, that boy – the one you never told your parents about, because you knew what would happen.  Because you knew they would think it was wrong – and maybe it was – and you didn’t care. Next week, on Sister Wives, join That Shameless Hussy and her guest, Kelly, of Queen […]

April 09

The Man(di) Cave: Girls Gone Wild

   So, Tuesday the guys had their turn in the Man(di) Cave. Now it’s our turn. Because equality.   What’s one thing you feel confident you know about men?   Michelle– They are kind of smelly and not as good at handling emotional situations. Beth– They are always thinking about sex. They can be manipulated […]

April 07


Last Monday, I divulged my deepest secret and hopefully intrigued you with compelling, sensual details about a girl with a very big secret and the weight of the world on her shoulders. Thursday, I expounded on it even more with tiny teasers and sparkly blurbs dripping with enticing accolades. Then I dropped a giveaway in the mix. BOOM. […]

April 06

The Man (di) Cave Debut

Men fascinate me. I grew up in a house surrounded by testosterone, and I always thought I understood those strange creatures of the opposite sex. But the more conversations I have with my brothers, my my male friends, with my husband, the more I realize I really know nothing other than they like boobs and […]

April 03

Is This Thing On? Next Week on SisterHusbands…I mean SisterWives

It’s raining men … hallelujah! Yes, you read that right! It’s gettin’ all testosteroney up in here. I have a wee announcement to make. The girls and I toyed with this idea for some time but have finally decided to start something new on the blog. Next week on SisterWives, we’re pulling some men into […]

April 02

The Secret: Part Deux

In Your Roots, Secrets Lie On Monday, I introduced you to the main character of Order of Seven, Devi Bennett, in a way that I hope was both mental and visceral. If you missed it, go here. Eighteen-year-old Devi Bennett is surrounded by mysteries: her unknown heritage, a recurring dream about an African tribal ceremony, […]