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he said October 30

What’s Bugging You? -He Said Edition-

Everyone knows we are all about equal opportunity here at The Sisterwives. On Tuesday we gave the floor to the ladies and let ’em loose with what was bugging them. It would be a shame if you missed it.  Now it’s Thursday and, as promised, the guys were perfect gentlemen and waited patiently for their their turn. […]

she said October 28

What’s Bugging You -She Said Edition-

Here on The Sisterwives we cover some pretty heavy stuff. We appreciate all of our readers and are so very grateful to the brave and beautiful writers that submit pieces that they pull from the deepest, and sometimes darkest, parts of their souls. We thought that maybe today we would lighten things up a bit with a […]

October 23

The Special Orange Juice

I only recently discovered Jamie through her submission to The Sisterwives. What I found was a lovely, funny, twenty-something writer who writes both wit and depth with ease. As someone who grew up in an interesting household (not alcoholic, but strange nonetheless), I related with the following story that Jamie sent us. Sometimes the strangest things […]

October 20

Just Dance: A Poem

I wrote this poem last week, in a moment of frenzy trying to remind myself of truth. So often, I get taken away from the core of myself, who I truly am. This poem was meant as a reminder to always return to my truth. The video I’m sharing was one that my boyfriend took […]

October 16

I’m the Sea King’s Daughter

Six weeks ago, I almost drowned. So why did no one hear me scream?

October 13

Hotness Scale Rebel

I specifically remember the first post of Katie’s I read because I was hit with this feeling that can only described as SHAZAAM. How do you not love an adorable, talented writer whose words drip with sarcasm and self-deprecating humor? Of course I informed her that day that we are soul sisters and that I love her and all kinds of […]

October 09

Sometimes Babies Don’t Come Home

Introducing to you all, the wonderful Celeste, who (when I suddenly pounced on her and asked if she’d write for Sisterwives) not only doesn’t take offense at you asking her to share some of the most painful moments of her life, and the aftermath it’s left her dealing with, she *jumps* at the chance. Because […]

October 06

The Box

Sometimes it’s the case that the people who make you laugh the hardest are the ones who have most to prove. As one who has always tended to take the role of the clown, I know that I try to entertain and engage *most* when I am struggling. And I know that being funny is […]

October 02

Can’t Find My Way Home

    “Come down off your throne, and leave your body alone…” ♫ F, G, Gm, D ♫   When we’re born we make a contract with God. Some are written in fine quill pens; some in blunt pencil, others in red handprints on a wall. He was the eldest of 6. The true prodigy; […]