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November 02

Slow Down

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, GATHER ROUND, for it is my honour, delight, and PLEASURE to introduce to you *drumrolllllllllllll* MR JESTER – one of the Blogosphere’s very finest, most entertainingest wonders. He will dazzle you with words; he will finagle the corners of your imagination; he will leave you […]

October 15

I Cut

Why are some things cloaked in shame? Why is it that we have to hide our scars? Shame serves to isolate, to keep things in the dark. Those things that people would rather not think about or talk about. Things that don’t make for polite dinner conversation. That is why people like Mari are so […]

October 12

The Last Time I Cut

For some, the only relief is cutting. We have no hard numbers or statistics. Only estimates. Cutting is the kind of thing that is done in private. It’s a closely guarded secret, so numbers are hard to come by. And speaking out about it is an act of bravery. Each time someone talks about their […]

September 24

The Kids are Alright!

  Everywhere you go, people are concerned about the state of the world today – the state of the economy; the politics; the environment…and ultimately, the state of people’s hearts. We’ve been told of their fears about our children, and the world they will inherit. We’ve listened to deep-seated and seemingly well-founded concerns about how their lives […]

August 20

‘Liv’ing a Lie

Your writer today is a bright, intelligent, wonderful lady…who is also rather an enigma. I first got to know her goodness-knows-where in the World Between the Wires, and was drawn to the bright avatar of a smiley, blonde-haired child she was using, as well as to her evident wit, humour and kindness. The more I […]

July 20

My Highlight Reel

Soon after I began blogging, I stumbled upon a blog, immediately falling in love. I watched from afar, too afraid to actually comment, but I liked her. A lot. She was cute. She was funny. She was … quirky. Later I found her on Instagram, and my admiration grew into a full on girl crush. […]

July 10

IS THIS THING ON? Next week, on SisterWives…

                     It’s not fair.                                                                                            You’re lucky you’re so….. I could never do that.                                                                                                        I could never wear that.              She shouldn’t wear that.                                   What is she thinking?                               Fit is sexy.     Real women have curves.                                                                                     You don’t want muscles….                                                      Maybe you should eat a salad?                                                                                                     Go eat a sandwich!                   […]

June 08

She Will Be Loved

Growing up can be such a confusing time. Things happen and sometimes we’re not sure what to make of them. The confusion, the secrecy, the shame. These feelings can shape a young mind. It’s not until a few decade’s worth of hindsight that we can see things from a different perspective. Carly of Growing Butterflies […]

May 25

Castles in the air

Did you ever read a piece which resonated so deeply you felt your soul begin to resonate, shivering at the edges as though a bell had been struck in the midst of silence. Have you ever sat as the words flow into your mind, create neural pathways of new thoughts, like trees growing at high […]

May 23

You Told Me Not to Tell

In the wake of a news week where we hear yet another story of abuse and violence in the form of molestation against young girls, words were written that stopped a whole lot of people in their tracks. A friend and fellow blogger wrote a post that brought people to their feet, asking us to shout with our […]

May 22

Is This Thing On? Next week on Sisterwives

The current culture dive-bombing The waters of your mind A media hall of mirrors Leaves you rough and undefined “You’re never, ever good enough” – The message oft opined What peace from this damnation Could you ever hope to find? The casualty of your own life is…you? Two writers next week – one brand new, […]

May 21

Time…..See What’s Become of Me….

Monday, Michelle responded to a letter from a lovely young woman named Sarah who was looking for guidance. That post turned into a much-needed reminder of why we are here. Then, we wondered – what if we could do the same for our twenty-three year old selves? What would we change? What advice would we give? We decided to […]

May 15

Is This Thing on? Next Week on SisterWives …

“When you’re older, you’ll understand.” Well. We’re older. Some of us more than others. We weren’t told that there would be a quiz. But there was – in the form of an unexpected letter from 23 year-old Sarah, asking us if we had advice on how to be “beautiful, strong, and kind,” and also – […]

May 14

The Picture is Only Perfect in Her Head

I could tell you today’s post was written by a woman named Sharon. Or I could tell you her name is Veronica. It doesn’t matter because her identity is an alias so she can write free and not suffer what would no doubt be undesirable consequences. You will read her story and know she’s a […]

May 11

The Phone Call

The Sister Wives struggled with the decision to make this piece anonymous, but ultimately decided is was more important to protect the identity and integrity of family members. The fact remains, this could be written by any one of us because mental illness hits from every direction, scattering its pellets of suffering among families and […]