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September 14

A Long Awkward Pause in the Man(di) Cave

I always look forward to the Man(di)Cave, but this week I’m more than my usual excited. Here’s why. One random Saturday, I sat on my couch watching College Game Day and perusing the internet. I stumbled upon an online humor magazine called Long Awkward Pause (a Humor Mag of Sorts.) I read something called The […]

August 25

Your “Resting D*ck Face” Is A Problem

Guys, we need to talk. As a friend and an ally, I feel it’s only right that I bring this to your attention. I want to help you be a better you. I want to make you aware of a problem. It’s your Resting Dick Face. I’m sorry. Somebody had to say it. I’m not […]

March 26

I’m Offended That You’re Offended

    I love a good joke. And by good joke, I mean a really bad one. One that defies all of the rules of polite society. Inappropriate. Off color. Dark humor. I can’t believe he just said that. Those jokes. I love inappropriate humor. In fact, I’m married to it. It’s one of my favorite […]

March 23

Oops, I Shamed Again

Dear friends, today you will have the pleasure of Briton, aka Punk Rock Papa, and his beautiful words of wisdom. His prose will touch your soul and lift your spirits. Read with care and soak up every profound word of love and light. The Dalai Lama should bow to the spirit of this devoted father. […]

March 20

Is This Thing On? Next Week On the SisterWives

Do you crave laughter like I do? I seek out people who make me laugh. And what makes me laugh might make you roll your eyes or gasp in shock. Doesn’t matter, as long as we all get a good laugh every once in a while, right? Next week I have a huge treat for […]

February 12

Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

  And so it begins. That day…that wonderful, romantic day, where frightened Significant Others everywhere rush to the flower shops, candy stores, lingerie departments and/or “Adult Novelty” stores (hope springs eternal), with the intent to purchase the perfect Valentine’s offering for the partner they cherish (tolerate). Those partners, meanwhile, flock to the hair and nail salons, for the mani/pedis and the […]

February 09

Men, Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day By Looking Foolish

Since the dawn of time, man has feared Valentine’s Day. I’m a journalist, so you can trust my facts on this. And because I’m a man, you can also trust me when I tell you our fear isn’t because we don’t want to express feelings of love and romance; it’s because we are afraid of […]

January 12

We Are Parents

I met this hilarious, lovable rogue on Facebook, and he quickly became a dear friend. Briton Underwood is well known on Facebook as “Punk Rock Papa,” a man who unabashedly loves being a father. Besides writing his own blog, Briton recently co-founded a hot new blog collective, “Original Bunker Punks.” He’s funny, sweet, genuine, and the […]