Who am I?

The easy answer? A wife. Mom of three. Devoted sister and steadfast friend.

The not so easy answer? A contradiction. A people person who fights insecurities and shyness every day. A  self assured woman who questions every thought. A lover and a fighter. An open book with secrets buried deep.

But also? I love the simple things. Great music, great food, laughing with friends. Getting silly with my kids. Long deep talks with soulful friends. A glass of dry red wine or a generous pour of bourbon. I get giddy over beautiful sunsets and breathless at the beauty of my Blue Ridge Mountains.

And some things I can’t abide. Bad lighting. Bad music (I will NOT dance if I don’t like the music.) Mean-spirited people (deal with your issues, don’t take them out on other people.) Martyrdom (who likes a martyr, right?)  Too much garlic (it should not be coming out of your pores) or not enough salt. Pretentiousness (I don’t care what label you’re wearing or what kind of car you drive), people that lack self-awareness (I could write for days about this. Don’t get me started).

I believe that a good song can change everything. I believe that love CAN rule. I believe that there is more good than bad out there.

And I believe in words. I believe words can shift consciousness, change minds, spark ideas, inspire. I believe words are where we can see the best in who we are. I believe the written word is where I have found my voice. Writing is my solace, my nourishment, my saving grace.

And so I write.

I am a wife. A mom. A daughter. A sister. A friend.

I am a writer of words.

And now, I am a sisterwife.