Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 29

Plotting the Perfect Murder

There are times when words aren’t enough to describe the way someone else’s words have made you feel. Times when you fall head-over-heels in WriterLove for their expressions, their cleverness, their capability, and the wonder of what they create. And when that person turns their words to recount some of the most horrific events of […]

January 26

The trauma doesn’t end when the abuse does

Today’s post is brought to you by a very dear friend of the Sisterwives. He has endured much, and tries to continue as cheerfully as possible – or at least, continue. In spite of the variety of his experience, nothing in his life so far had prepared him for this… Scott, you convey so much […]

January 21

Getting To Know Them….

      Monday we announced the three new SisterWives who bravely agreed to join our fold, so we thought it might be nice for all of you to have a chance to get to know them a little. Aside from the posts they have written here, these women are a powerhouse of talent in […]

January 19

Introducing…New SisterWives

When women support each other, amazing things happen. We started this blog with a goal of reaching out to other people, both women and men, and offering our support. Along the way, we’ve received an abundance of support in return. We always knew we wanted to grow the SisterWives eventually but wanted to work out […]

January 15

I Do Not Owe You

Sometimes, you just get extraordinarily lucky – and the universe puts something really special in your path. That’s how I feel about Renee, who writes the blog That Shameless Hussy. This woman can write about literally anything- her children, friendship, chicken pot pie – and her writing captivates. This is not an easy story to […]

January 12

We Are Parents

I met this hilarious, lovable rogue on Facebook, and he quickly became a dear friend. Briton Underwood is well known on Facebook as “Punk Rock Papa,” a man who unabashedly loves being a father. Besides writing his own blog, Briton recently co-founded a hot new blog collective, “Original Bunker Punks.” He’s funny, sweet, genuine, and the […]

January 08

Seventeen Pounds

We Sisterwives do like a nice man every now and again. Especially if he’s buff handsome awesome (no…wait…he IS awesome!) the first man we ever allowed to post here, because even though he’s a first-class tosser at times, he has a (secret) heart of gold, and shoulders which are heavy laden with the weight of […]

January 05

white girl

Spoken Word and I go back a long way, and have a very…complicated relationship. But some words just can’t stay on the page. This was written to be performed as spoken word poetry, so I recorded it as such.  If you’d like to hear me, please click the picture below:        white girl […]