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October 08

You Make Me Wanna…..

In the spirit of Straddling Jesus, and keeping with the general bawdy theme this week, I reworked this from my personal blog. In other words, I took out all of the really tacky stuff. Enjoy. ~ Renee Gentlemen: I want to talk about your lingam. Not to be confused with your lingus. Although I am […]

September 21

What Are You Afraid Of?

You’re going where? my mother asks me. To Texas. To meet some of the women I blog with. Don’t do anything daring, she warns Like what? I say. It is 1960’s New Orleans. My mother stands in front of a full length mirror in a dressing room reminiscent of Blanche DuBois. The air ripples from the merciless summer […]

August 10

I’m Feisty for My Age

“The weird thing is, you get more comfortable in yourself, even as time is giving you less reason for it. When you’re young and beautiful, you’re paranoid and miserable. I think one of the great advantages of getting older is that you let go of certain things.”                                                                  ~Helen Mirren Everyone has that moment, I […]

August 06

This Is Who I Am

You may remember Sharon her for her piece, The Picture is Only Perfect in Her Head, where she wrote about being the child of a narcissistic mother. Struggling to define your sexuality is confusing enough in a world that loves to tell you who you are – to do so against the backdrop of abusive relationships can be heartbreaking. Please […]

August 03

Am I Too Angry to Get Laid?

Please welcome my friend and guest poster today, who has chosen to remain anonymous – she is one of the toughest people I know, as well as one of the kindest. She will be the biggest advocate for those she believes in, and a force to be reckoned with for those she does not. She […]

July 13

How Do You Like Me Now?

What if I’m writing this naked? Does that make me more interesting? Will you still listen to what I have to say if I’m not conventionally pretty? Or young? Not delicate and feminine? Not what you pictured before you read these words? In hooker heels, I’m over six feet tall. I’m a size 16. Those heels would […]

June 15

One-Hundred Proof

Sometimes it’s as simple as a line from a familiar song, heard when you don’t expect it. That’s all it takes to trigger a memory, to send you back to where you know you shouldn’t go – but you go anyway. Please welcome Amy Noble, who writes with such rich, authentic, emotion that her story almost leaves behind a trace, […]

Is This Thing On? Next Week, on Sisterwives….

This past week, we explored sexuality and shame, exploration and oppression, and expressed our views on the purity movement. FUCK YOU, PURITY. It seems only natural to move on the next thing: Love & Lust. We have a sensory delight from Amy Noble that will stay in your head all day, and the lovely Hasty Words will bring […]

June 04

I’ll Change

One day, I’ll change You’ll be the first one that I call I owe you an apology Too many thanks, and that’s not all ‘Cause I been runnin’ long before I learned to crawl. ~The Indigo Girls 1989 That guy. The one who charms a woman with the grace and ease that he lights a stolen smoke off a borrowed zippo. The woman […]

May 29

Is This Thing On? Next Week, on SisterWives…

Addicts. Enablers. Toxic relationships. Labels can sometimes make us forget that there are people behind them, and that there are two sides to every story. Sometimes those stories fit together perfectly. Join us next week.            

April 16

Somebody’s Daughter

I have been struggling with this one a bit. I feel someone will ask me how I can be anything but outraged by my own memory when I have children of my own. Am I prepared to romanticize a similar relationship in their situation, as my perspective on my own is so clearly skewed? And the answer is no. […]

February 12

Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

  And so it begins. That day…that wonderful, romantic day, where frightened Significant Others everywhere rush to the flower shops, candy stores, lingerie departments and/or “Adult Novelty” stores (hope springs eternal), with the intent to purchase the perfect Valentine’s offering for the partner they cherish (tolerate). Those partners, meanwhile, flock to the hair and nail salons, for the mani/pedis and the […]