Introducing…New SisterWives

When women support each other, amazing things happen.

We started this blog with a goal of reaching out to other people, both women and men, and offering our support. Along the way, we’ve received an abundance of support in return. We always knew we wanted to grow the SisterWives eventually but wanted to work out the kinks of the blog first. Well, the kinks may or may not be there, but we couldn’t wait any longer, and today we have a huge announcement to make.


We have new SisterWives.

Three new Sisterwives.

And we couldn’t be more excited to introduce them to you!!!

And just to show you how excited we are, here’s a herkie/hurkey/herkey for you!

You're never too old to herkey!!

You’re never too old to herkey!!



Michelle first wrote for us back when we had just started. Tattoo You. Her words were compelling and honest. We loved her then, and that love has just grown since. Michelle is the voice behind the blog Rubber Shoes In Hell where she muses about aging and narcissism and the ridiculous arguments she has with her husband. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. And now….here!!!





Gretchen She has been here from the beginning, always offering the kindest comments to us and others who have written here, and we couldn’t be happier that she said “yes” to join our little group.  Gretchen is a dreamer, optimist, wife, mother of three. She’s a wanna-be groupie: fan of music, books and movies. She is completely in awe of talent and those who posses it, intrigued by cultural phenomenons and their impact, and passionate about many things. She loves to write but people reading her stuff makes her feel like she’s walking around naked. Her desire to write supersedes her insecurities… at least for today. These things she writes are the kinds of things she thinks about in the shower and are a supreme act of self-indulgence. Find more of her writing at her blog, Drifting Through My Open Mind.





That Shameless Hussy

You might remember That Shameless Hussy from the powerful piece she wrote for us last week: I Do Not Owe You. She blew us away. We saw something amazing and were thrilled when she agreed to become one of us.

…mother of two, daughter of one, caretaker of four, trying to achieve a balance of principle and practice without shouting obscenities at too many people.

Born and raised in the Bible belt, I have mostly mistrust and disdain for all things “religious.” Spiritual – that’s a different story. I keep those cards close to the vest.

Deep down, I believe that I am an utter and complete fraud. There is a mean kid in my head that stands over my shoulder, watches me work and says things that no one would even think to say. The bad stuff is always easier to believe, it seems. But I’m learning.

I believe that sometimes a moment of clarity moment and a moment of sheer, unmitigated bullshit can look EXACTLY the same. So don’t get too wise – life has a way of burning that right to the ground.

Please follow her on Facebook, where she is the ever popular That Shameless Hussy



Please help me welcome these three talented, clever, and incredible women, and come back on Thursday to get to know them even better. There will be questions and answers and probably a little embarrassment…hopefully.

We started this blog with one thing in mind:

Alone we are enough. Together we are Stronger. We are the SisterWives.