In a world so quick to judge, just #BeReal

This is a first for SisterWives – not only are we on trend, but thanks to Hasty, we ARE the trend – yesterday, in response and outrage at the #DontJudgeMe tag (where people post ‘before and after’ pics of themselves in an Ugly Duckling transformation to show their (now) levels of beauty and acceptability), this amazing lady created a new hashtag, and it’s one we should ALL use – #BeReal.

Hasty BeReal SW

We’re entrenched in a culture which objectifies and reduces people to the sum of their looks, and judges them on their outsides before the content of their character is ever known. We’re bought into the idea that in order to be acceptable, we have to look good. We’re paid-up, card-carrying members of a society which claims to hold higher ideals, and to prefer a good personality to a good figure, and which often shouts about wanting to teach the younger generations the value of being a good person rather than just looking yummy…and then we freak out (as I did) about our self-image and whether or not we can ever be acceptable the way we are, and spend ages taking a selfie so our hair falls just so and hides the zit between our eyes (never happened!) and getting a vague sense of disgust that we’re talking the talk, yet only walking the walk so long as we can look good doing it.


Here’s the thing, though – we CAN combat this attitude, both in ourselves and in others, if we all work together and make it not just ‘okay’ but PREFERRED that people…well…#BeReal.

If it’s choosing to wear makeup and dressing to impress, then #BeReal. If it’s bare-faced and dressing for comfort and practicality, then #BeReal. If it’s sweaty and happy after a good workout, then #BeReal. If it’s hanging out with a beer, chillaxing, then #BeReal. If it’s enjoying good food and good company, then #BeReal. If it’s family time or snuggling with pets or curling up alone with a book or Netflix, then #BeReal, and SHOW IT!

We need to learn that however we treat our bodies, and however we present ourselves to the world, it is our SELVES, and not our presentation, which counts. It’s what we need to value in other people, and it’s what we need to learn to value for US.

So I have a challenge for you – I want you to take this hashtag and set it trending. I want you to share this post AS FAR AS YOU CAN, because Hasty’s message is important for EVERYONE, and already I’ve seen many, many people join in the movement, sharing their ‘just as I am right now’ selfies, and tagging to show that they can #BeReal…because let’s face it – once the filters are off, we can see the beautiful souls behind the screens so much more clearly.

The world is READY for this movement. Our body-obsessed culture NEEDS this movement. There is not a person who won’t benefit from a new way, which supports putting people first. Go on, #BeARebel – show yourself off, exactly as you are, because YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Show yourself off on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Tumblr, in Real Life, and be YOU. Be Beautiful. #BeReal.


Be You BeReal