June 18


Reality Cuts In

IMG_3940 two

There is something magical about living inside words.

Stories sweep us off our feet and carry us into worlds we’d never otherwise get to visit.  Narratives allow us to fall in love, battle enemies, destroy evil, and share any number of emotions inside the safe and harmless imaginary landscape of fantasy.

I have personally lived a hundred different lives inside the pages of the books I’ve read and I carry a piece of my favorite characters with me long after I close a book.   I am made whole by the oddballs, the underdogs, the monsters and the warriors.

Oh how I love magic.  Especially the magic of love.  Not necessarily the romantic love but the -you are my everything- kind of love.  Give me the stories where the characters make each other feel like they are perfectly enough.

Relationships happen inside the weaving of stories between the part truths and fairy tale lies.  What happens when two people meet and write stories, paint pictures, or create music together?  What can happen when two people decide to write poetry together?

What starts out as a sweet and friendly waltz can become a tango before you realize the tempo has changed.  When two people create beautiful things together…

Magic happens…

Until reality cuts in and says, “May I have this dance?”



Time got swallowed somehow

Dreams melted into shadows

And his voice was all I heard

The pounding of his heart

Loud in each word he typed

Forbidden feelings danced

Inside instant messages

Emails erased my seconds

With feelings that felt like

Sideways glances at first

With poetry and prose

That reached out to feel me

Ending in full embraces

Mmmmm hold me tight

Inside this fantasy of mine

Stepping out of bounds

Your heart raced with mine

Each beat colliding

Playing connect the dots

Poetry was our playground

Our safe place to hide

Our characters had the life

We would never confide

But the stanzas became blurry

And the lines started breathing

There was a monster lurking

Inside every single word


Reality was fighting back

Were the words ever real

Did they ever really feel

Second guessing intentions

Reality ruining

Our made up make believe

Reality is the bitch that

Destroys happy endings

And murders the love

Created in fairy tales