Last Monday, I divulged my deepest secret and hopefully intrigued you with compelling, sensual details about a girl with a very big secret and the weight of the world on her shoulders. Thursday, I expounded on it even more with tiny teasers and sparkly blurbs dripping with enticing accolades.

Then I dropped a giveaway in the mix. BOOM.

You all Blew.My.Mind with your enthusiasm and support. THANK YOU.

I’m back today to tell you ORDER OF SEVEN IS NOW LIVE!! You can order it in your preferred format on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And why wait any longer to announce the WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY?

But wait…..

The winner is a sister wife!!!

Which is incredible….

but lest you think I played favorites…. (which is impossible since I used a random number generator)

I’ve decided to have a second winner!

The TWO winners of the Order of Seven giveaway are…..


drumroll please….





Bummed you didn’t win a free, signed copy of ORDER OF SEVEN? You still have a chance! I’m running a new Goodreads giveaway that begins midnight of April 7 and runs until midnight April 14.  Enter to win!

**Ever wonder what I sound like? Do I have a Texas twang? How do I really look? Well Merry Christmas, because I caved and did something WAY out of my comfort zone. Curious? Go here.