October 20

Just Dance: A Poem

I wrote this poem last week, in a moment of frenzy trying to remind myself of truth. So often, I get taken away from the core of myself, who I truly am. This poem was meant as a reminder to always return to my truth.

The video I’m sharing was one that my boyfriend took of me performing this poem the day after I wrote it. I’m also posting the words, so you can see them and follow along.



Just Dance
when I’m running around
outside myself
a headless chicken
looking for its eyes screaming
“I don’t know what to do!”
the quiet voice of my inner worth
whispers “be you”
and everything else will come.
don’t be afraid of the rain
while you’re looking at the sun
just dance.
in any weather
to the drum of your heartbeat
calling you home
you will never be alone
if you can remember the rhythm
of your own music
so make it
louder than all the voices
in your chopped off head
put Humpty Dumpty back together again
with your own music playing so loud
you shake orbits at the edges of galaxies
call the light in with starsong
from the core where you burn
your own path around the sun
learn what it means not to run
but to stay
inside the circle of your own heart
get bigger than the gravity
working to pull you apart
until the other stars fall
from the wishes that travel
through your stomping feet.
the darkness with the spinning grace
of your celestial, starry soul
be full
of its effervescent notes
played by your fingers
making love to piano keys
love, be
and love will be, you
answer are never found
in chopping block knowledge
but in the birdson
sacred drum
of your own heart.