Undoubtedly Woman

Back before I’d ever jumped head over heels into the spoken word world – I wrote a spoken word poem.

I was in a Psychology of Diversity class and we were asked to do a creative class project showcasing something from the class, ideally something we related to ourselves. I thought about it for a bit and knew I wanted to do a poem, and then spoken word came to mind. I’d seen 1 or 2 videos online showcasing spoken word. I had been inspired watching them and had been composing poem fragments in front of my bathroom mirror for months. I decided it was time to take the plunge and actually write one.

I had been writing poetry for years but this was a first, and in truth I had no idea what I was doing. But in my typical fashion, I jumped in anyway. I wrote a poem about being a woman outside of our society’s gender constructs. It was based on a chapter of a book writtenΒ by Marilyn Frye in 1983. The chapter was entitled “Oppression” and detailed how we can miss the oppression of women because often, we will only see one wire of the cage, and not the entire interweaving of all the systematic wires that keep us within our gender construct.

I was struck by this idea, and used it as inspiration to write the following poem.