Gracias, Danke, Merci, Grazie, Thank You

This place began with a group of women who found each other online and enjoyed sharing little quips throughout the day, most of which involved boobs and #DickPunchThursday. Eventually though, the quips grew into conversations, which grew into friendships. One of us suggested we start a blog, that our little secret world of support should be shared, that we might be helpful to other bloggers, and thus SisterWivesSpeak was conceived.

We owe to you, our dear readers, a thank you from all of us. We wanted a place, a safe place, to share our stories, the stories that might not fit well on our own blogs, and you’ve given us that. The conversations here, your sharing of our posts, and your continued support have not gone unnoticed, and for you, we are grateful.

SW thanks


We also hoped that we could offer an open invitation to all of you to share your stories with us. And you have. So many of you sent in your submissions, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your sharing your lives with us and with our other readers. Your words pave the road to the community we hope to achieve here.

Community can be defined many ways, but my favorite is this: the feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.  

Together we created this space. A place to be unashamed, uncensored, and unafraid. With your help, we want to continue growing it, branching out into new avenues. We want to hear more of your stories. If you have yet to share them with us, please click the Submissions tab where we invite you to write free.

Some of the topics thus far have been heavy, but that’s not a requirement. As much as we love to support each other through more challenging moments we’ve survived, we also love to share our triumphs, our joys, your triumphs, your joys. We want to hear your stories, all of them. From the sorrow you’ve overcome to your happily ever afters.

We are here to hold your hands, to encourage you, to support you, but we also applaud loudly when things go well, when life brings you joy. We will be here to cheer with you, to share a smile or a laugh, to bestow to you our allegiance.

Thank you again for being a part of this, a part of us. Without you, this community would not exist.

Remember our mission.

Alone we are enough, but together we are stronger.

Speak to us in the comments. Let us know if you like what you’re seeing thus far, if there’s any room for us to grow. What other topics would you like to see here?

And look for some more submissions in the coming weeks. We have a two part treat for you tomorrow from Don Re that you won’t want to miss. He helps shine light on how blogging can breed empathy.