Above the Storm

The other day I sat outside at a small café and watched a bird flying into the wind. I sat transfixed as she dipped down and then up all the while flapping her wings to no avail. She just flew in place, never even moving an inch. Eventually, she conceded to the fierce and wild wind and landed on my table. It might sound strange, but we met each other’s eyes and locked onto one another’s gaze. Then she seemed to slightly nod to me. I nodded back, and she took off, this time flying higher into the sky and ultimately in the direction she intended.

To have that kind of determination.

To have that kind of drive.

To conquer the wind.

I had to admire her. This delicate little sparrow tackled the wind. And she won.

Monday my brave sisterwife, Samara, wrote a post (click here to read it) about a storm in her life that is raw and real and was incredibly difficult for her to both write about and to share. She doubted herself before and after publishing, but she sought strength and support in us, her SisterWives, and we held her up and offered her encouragement and unwavering love. In a sense, we locked gazes, and then we nodded. She took flight, and she conquered the wind.

There’s a Native American legend my dad shared with me not too long ago. According to this legend, eagles love storms. They use the force of the winds to gain altitude to set their wings so high in the sky that they can soar above the storm.

Once above the storm, they can fly great distances since the wind catches their wings. They’re able to just be still and soar.

Soar above the storm.

To those of you who read Samara’s post and related to her words, to those who commented as much, to those who are in a similar situation or worse, my hope for you is that you rise above the clouds, set your wings to the wind, and that you soar above the storm.