What We’re Doing, And How We’d Like YOU To Be Involved

‘The Sisterwives’ is what happens when nine women decide that alone they are enough, but together they are stronger.

We began as a support group on Facebook.

A safe haven to check in throughout the day. To find support. To post our joys, our sadness, our triumphs and our pain.


It was a little miracle.


Because we found that we were all more alike than different.

We found that we’d been through SO MANY of the same experiences.

We found a commonality in how we approached life.

That it was to be lived with happiness. That we are meant to move through tragedy into hope, and gratitude.


We live in 5 different time zones.

And at any given moment, someone is almost ALWAYS around.


We post videos.

Sing to each other.

Make ridiculous jokes.

Lift each other up, during the darkest of times.


And with all this support and unconditional love,

with our positive spin on life,

we felt it was time to move out into the Blogosphere.

And give YOU the same kind of support and unconditional love we give each other.


We’re going to start by sharing  some of our stories over the next month.

And then, we are committed to encouraging others to Write Free!

and demonstrate that good can come even of the worst pain, when used to help others.


This is a place to raise awareness, offer support and provide resources.

This is a place to seek out silver linings and celebrate them together.


We want YOU to submit your stories.

Raise awareness for what you’ve been through.

Find solace amongst others who have had similar experiences.

Some will support you in sharing your story. Some desperately needed to have read what you wrote, because they were unable to.

This blog is the safest place in the world to do that, because here, there is no judgment – we will brook no malice, no intent to destroy or tear others down.

This is a place for compassion.

This is a place for love.


This is a place where we encourage lots and lots of interaction in the comment section.

Yes, please feel free to go off on tangents if you like! As long as you play nicely with the others.


And so that’s what’s on offer – our love, poured out through this project, into the Blogosphere.

Life is messy and brutiful, and we want you to share your Big Uglies, your sharp corners and the complex, kaleidoscope of wonderfulness which has shaped you into the person you are today.

Alone we are enough, but together we are stronger.

Stand with us, and Write Free!


Our topics will include:


Beauty and Wonder




Life and its challenges

Matters of the body

Matters of the heart

Matters of the soul

Mental illness

Silver Linings




We will begin with broad brush-strokes.

Over the next month, you will get to know us as we each share one of the (many, many) aspects of our lives we want to share.

Then we begin reviewing submissions and organizing a guest-posting schedule – we hope to feature one new story each week from YOU.

So start thinking – in fact, no.



And to briefly disappear off on a tangent (which we utterly reserve the right to do, as the mood takes us) it is absolutely vital to recognize a SisterWife who proved herself absolutely instrumental in setting up the site and getting things going, but whose plate is full with other exciting projects at the moment.

Our respect, love and HUGE gratitude go to Laura, for helping to make this possible.



The SisterWives