Who we are, and how we came to be

We met, as people in the Blogosphere are wont to do, via happenstance, serendipity and mutual friends.

In one corner of the Universe, Samara and Jennie had become enchanted with one another’s words, and declared each other “Sisterwives.”

In other corners of the Universe, in spite of the Atlantic Ocean, Lizzi and Beth were having a parallel experience.

Our group came together in the form of one of those beautiful but incredibly complex molecules, with pre-existing bonds between some of us, and bonds which bounced out to include others.

Somehow, like that moment where the positive and the negative take each other’s hands and begin to dance in orbit, we clicked.


It had partly to do with the manner in which we saw mirrors in each other’s souls – holding up reflections and nuances of the very storms which had beset our own lives.

Various of us have histories which are similar. Many of us struggle with the same complications of character.

All of us, in some way or another, have been put-upon by Life, and have had to fight to thrive, in spite of our challenges.

Our collective coverage – when seen as a list of harrowing, heart-breaking, really-seriously-difficult-to-stomach topics – is hard viewing.

It’s full of Big Uglies; some past, some present, some pending, all of which have (at some point) sent us crawling away, broken, licking our wounds.

But the Big Uglies of Life neglected to remember something rather important –

In writing we have learned to be vulnerable; to share our hurts and hang-ups, because we’ve understood that in sharing, some of the fear and taboo gets kicked to the curb.

We have learned that the cracks are where the light gets in.


We allow people to see some of our very darkest moments because we know that to be able to find solace and the depiction of a darkness of your own, in someone else’s writing, is a very powerful thing indeed.

So powerful, in fact, that having recognised this we began to resonate, in the way that only beautiful but incredibly complex molecules can do.

We reached out, tightened the bonds between us and prepared to collectively resonate so hard that we will be heard across the Blogosphere.


We will explain our challenges and ongoing combats;

We will show you our hurts and the way we turn them into helps;

We will be vulnerable, and commit to supporting and encouraging those with whom our stories resonate;

We will seek to share the words of others we think have something important to say;

We will strive to let our readers know that whatever their challenge, they are not alone;

We will write;

We will resonate;

We will thrive;


We are a beautiful and incredibly complex molecule of humans.

We are SisterWives.